Recognizing untapped potential is a gift that comes from working with a coach. Coaching can enable you to surpass established limits of success and to achieve life and business successes that, in the past, may have not been imagined possible.

In this audio session, you will share 12 minutes of your time with me, as I present 10 coaching tips that will not only provide you with ideas for achieving greater success, but will also allow you to understand the power of working with a coach, who can focus your energy, passion and competence.

Enjoy the opportunity!
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1. Introduction & Begin With the End in Mind 3:21 Play
2. View Your Business as a Contact Sport
0:27 Play
3. Treat Your Business as a Business 0:46 Play
4. Learn to Say No 0:37 Play
5. Learn Good Scripts
1:43 Play
6. Be Accountable to a Mentor or Coach 0:38 Play
7. Your Attitude Determines Your Success 0:36 Play
8. Treat Each Day as a New Opportunity 0:21 Play
9. Sharpen the Saw 0:32 Play
10. Honor Yourself 0:56 Play
11. Review & Conclusion 1:41 Play

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